11 August 2004
                                   version 0.1 alpha
                                  Geoffrey St. Pierre

picsite 0.1 alpha devolped by Geoff St. Pierre in summer 2004.
mod date: 11 August 2004

purpose: picsite creates a website from a directory containing JPEG files.

supported platforms:
		(i) All platforms are extremely tenative in picsite 0.1 alpha, but
 		picsite has been mildly tested on Mac OS 10.3.4, and FreeBSD 4.10 STABLE
		(ii) picsite is written in perl, and you must have perl installed to use it.
		type: which perl , at the command prompt to see if you have perl installed.

		- You either have to have in the directory or add it to your path.
		(i) You should only run picsite from a working directory containing only *.jpg files.
		(ii) Once you have created a directory with *.jpg files just call picsite
		at the command prompt type: perl
		(iii) You are done! Just publish the entire directory to any webspace you have.

		Do NOT run in the root directory of your webserver.
		picsite creates an index.html file when run.  If you are in your 
		root directory it will overwrite your index.html file.

What it does:
               - It reads in the jpeg files and creates *.html files
               that are display the pictures in an organized format.

What it does not do:
               - It does not make a complete website for you. 
		- It does not format the image files in any way.
		- You must use a seperate graphics program for image manipulation.
Known Bugs:
       (i) If the number of pictures in the working directory modulus four is not zero,
	then the nth html (n.html) file will contain broken picture links.

Development Goals:
		(i) Fix known bugs.
		(ii) Get the outputed code to be xhtml 1.0 compliant.
		(iii) Allow users to add captions to the photos. Logo